Official Poster of Anna Hazare's Biopic Anna Launched

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Official Poster of Anna Hazare's Biopic '' Anna '' Launched

In Bollywood Films on Biopic is now a Common Trend, Now again a Biopic Based on Social Activist Anna Hazare is coming soon which is Directed by Shashank Udapukars and Produced by Mahendra Jain. On 28, June poster of Anna Hazare's Biopic was launched by Anna Hazare. In the Film Shashank will be playing a titular role and Tanisha Mukherjee will be playing role of a Journalist.
Anna Hazare was happy and also Praised the work of Director Shashank Udapukars. The film is titled as '' Anna Kisan Baburau Hazare ''

In the Poster one can see back of Shashank in his Anna Avatar and addressing the Crowd sitting in raining and Thunder. The movie will show Pivotal Moments from Anna Hazare's life, his Childhood Days, his days in Indian Army, his life as a Social Activist and his fight against Corruption.


During Release of Poster Anna told, '' At the age of 25, I had decided I will serve my country till my last breath. My age is 79 today but my determination is the same. Nothing is impossible. For the sake of the society and country, someone has to sacrifice his life. I chose not to get married and serve for the society. In a way, I don’t have a family but I have so many people (common people), who are my family ''.

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