Hrithik Roshan at Istanbul Airport Hours Before Attack

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Hrithik Roshan at Istanbul Airport Hours Before Attack

Hrithik Roshan on Wednesday confirmed that he with his Son Hrehaan and Hredhaan was at Istanbul's Ataturk Airport hours before the Bomb and Gun attack.

The Actor Tweeted : missed connecting flight at Istanbul n wer stuck at airport next flight ws next day,but took economy n flew out earlier. #Prayers4istanbu

The Actor missed the Connection Flight at Istanbul and were Stuck at the Airport, he then chosen to fly in an Economy class. The Actor was returning back to India VIA Turkey with his kids from Vacation to Spain and Africa. In the attack in Istanbul Airport 36 killed and more than 140 person injured.


In his Tweet actor Thanked the Istanbul Airport staff and also expressed Shock and Grief for the attack affected people.

He Tweeted, '' Ws helped by d kindest staff at Istanbul arport hours ago. Shocking news. Innocents killed 4 religion.V must stand united against terrorism.''

The Officials told, '' Ataturk attack is linked to IS or Kurdish militants. The Terrorists open fired at Terminals entry and blew themselves after police fired.
German Foreign Minister told, '' We grieve for the victims, We stand by Turkey.''
Recip Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey President told, '' The attack should serve as a turning appoint in the Global fight against militant groups.''


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