The Legend Of Michael Mishra Banned in Punjab and Haryana

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The Legend Of Michael Mishra Banned in Punjab and Haryana

After Protest For Udta Punjab in Punjab, Now there is Protest For Recently Released movie '' The Legend Of Michael Mishra ''. Even after getting Green Signal from Censor Board CBFC. The Film got banned by Two States Governments. The film got "deemed uncertified" in those states for two months.

The Film got banned because of a Dialogue referring to Maharishi Valmiki. Certain groups and individuals started protesting against the exhibition of the movie. The Ban was imposed by the Haryana Government After the Committee set by the Government watched the Film. The Punjab government on Thursday announced a ban on the screening of the Film.

On Saturday Cinema Halls and Multiplex's got a Call then a Letter from the Government, For banning of Movie For 8 Months. The letter Stated, It is necessary to Stop the Release of the Movie because its release could cause communal violence and damage to public and private property, causing a serious law and order situation.
In Haryana the Letter was issued even after the Dialogues was removed by the Producer's and was Certified by CBFC.

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