Taimur Ali Khan Was Found So Charming

 May 30, 2017    By admin  1705 views

Late Sunday glimpse of Taimur Ali Khan found for his cam shot with his mother in her arms with a cute smile for the fans of Saif Ali Khan and Kareena. The fans of Saif and Kareena are always excited to see Taimur, he was Brought up to the world in the last year on date 20 Dec 2016. After a short period, the Kareena found pregnant, since they were busy with their dates for Movies shoot. This was noticed by media that they were Married on 2012. The baby is above to 7month  was taken a snap from Karishma Kapoor's home with his nanny or caretaker. Also, Fans recognized Taimur was Similar By Kareen's childhood.

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