Preity zinta Announces As Indias 1st women safety solution

 Jul 01, 2017    By admin  1781 views


Preity Zinta has now founded as India's first and only holistic women's safety solution. it was launched in association with Anthony Moorhouse, Ex-special forces Australia and founder of Dynamq. Preity Zinta has a role of doing her service which named Kavach safety which was said as pro-victim anti perpetrator which has emergency response, that assures safety. A source from the team has said like "backed by a national emergency operation center where members will access to Kavach team which is calculated as network security, legal and high forensic support to medical and victim advocacy experts. where the supporters are the army and special force professionals. as per the report service cost will be the 418/ INR in a month. Preity Zinta has Spoken Out like this "I have started Kavach is to ensure the women's safety and fear that they facing in their daily life. it has taken me 5 years to get on here but this any way belated and now with all effort, we are reducing the risk of violence which women facing in her life". Hope Preity Will Prove up With her applaudable attitude with the support from peoples. 

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