Madhur Bhandarkar got threat calls from Congress Workers

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In India, Film industry is a big business and the audience love movies. The audience used to adapt style, the character of their loved stars. In a country where movies are loved so much, creating a biopic in national issues or leaders is a big task. Recently award winner Director Madhur Bhandarkar is facing political issues after he announced the release of his upcoming movie Indu Sarkar. Indu Sarkar is based on the 21 months emergency which was imposed by Prime Minister India Gandhi. The movie is based on the characters like Indira Gandhi and her son Sanjay Gandhi. The leaders of Congress who were protesting told the movie shows their loved leaders in a bad light. Director Madhur Bhandarkar got many threat calls from Congress leaders and he has given Police protection, Under which 2 policemen will be there with him day and night time.


During their promotional event in Suryadatta Institute of Management & Mass Communication on Saturday in Pune, Director and his team were locked inside the room as Congress workers entered the hotel lobby and created ruckus. The team who arranged the event called Director for cancellation of the show as they too got threat calls. The protestors also protested in Nagpur and Mumbai events to which the events were canceled. Central Board of Film Certification had made 12 cuts in which words like RSS and Akali has been removed. Sanjay Nirupama written letter to CBFC Cheif for showing movie before release to confirm it not shown their leader in bad light. The frustrated and angry director took Twitter to share his words and wrote to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, Dear @OfficeOfRG after Pune I have 2 cancel today's PressCon at Nagpur.Do you approve this hooliganism? Can I have my Freedom of Expression? The movie is scheduled to release on July 28.

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