Virat Kohli Reacts against the People for Trolling Anushka Sharma

 Mar 30, 2016    By admin  2057 views

Virat Kohli Blasts on The People For Trolling Anushka sharma

India's Win or lose, Kohli hitting a century or getting out on a duck, Frustrated fans have often targeted Anushka, blaming her for for Virat's bad performance. After the latest win in World T20 on Sunday, Kohli decided to react against it ; it was time to ‘shame’ the attackers and he did it without mincing any words.Virat Kohli on Monday lashed out at social media trolls for targeting Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma, saying that those who blame her for anything negative in his cricket career should be ashamed of themselves.
His Instagram and Twitter account had this message: “Shame on those people who have been having a go at anushka for the longest time and connecting every negative thing to her. Shame on those people calling themselves educated. Shame on blaming and making fun of her when she has no control over what i do with my sport. If anything she has only motivated and given me more positivity. This was long time coming. Shame on these people that hide and take a dig. And i dont need any respect for this post. Have some compassion and respect her. Think of how your sister or girlfriend or wife would feel if someone trolled them and very conveniently rubbished them in public.”


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