Salman Khan Honoured With Global Diversity Award

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Salman Khan is the biggest star of Bollywood, He is only capable to give every movie above 100 crores+. Being busy with his hectic schedule he manages to give time to his foundation Being Human. Salman's Being Human foundation provided funding for treating children with congenital heart defects and craniofacial deformities and also educates many children. Salman tries every way possible to help humanity.


Recently while Salman was in his Da-Bangg Britain tour, he got honoured with Global Diversity Awards. Global Diversity Award is given to persons who have done a great work for the world. After seeing Salman's social work for children in India, British Parliament Asian MP Keith Vaz honoured Salman with Global Diversity Award. Salman Khan looked dashing in black formals holding the award of honour. This proves that Salman is not the only biggest star of India but also in foreign countries. The Da-Banng tour held a London's 02 Arean on Sunday.

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