Zubair Khan Filed Case Against Salman Khan

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Bigg Boss Season 11 is gaining TRP from the starting of the show, From day one contestants starting pulling legs of each other for gaining popularity, seems like all have prepared well for the show. In season 11 no one seen becoming friends. Other like the previous season, no big celebs came into the show, but the contestants have created a mess in the house. From 1st week itself many drama can be seen like Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde's daily fight, from tea issues in kitchen to putting tea in dress, Akash known as A-Cash had a fight with Vikas in which Akash provoked Vikas calling a Gay and having relation with fellow contestant Priyank, which irritated Vikas and Priyank and Priyank lost his temper and hit Akash which resulted of Priyank got eliminated from Bigg Boss house.


Zubair Khan who claimed of being Son-In-Law of Daud Abraham's sister Haseena Parker also came into the show with aim of creating a good image in front of his child, but in less then a week he had a fight with females contestants, which made him using cheap languages for girls. The host of the show Salman Khan who is always seen in cool mood was in anger in this Weekend Ka War. Salman takes a class on every contestant, But for Zubair Khan, he was in different style. In all season no one has seen Salman Khan this avatar, Salman called Zubeer many things likes, '' Don't Call Me Bhai, Aa Jate Hai Naam Kharab Karne, Tereko Kutta Banadunga.''After that Zuber has taken some pills and was taken out of Bigg Boss house and was hospitalized. Recently Zuber has filed a complaint against the star and the Endemol Team. He told he got death threats from the actor Salman Khan and got tortured in the house. He was admitted in a private hospital whereas a Suicide attempt patient should be admitted in a government hospital. Zuber has lodged a complaint in Lonavala Police Station where the show is going on, Lets see what happens next...

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