John Abraham Never Out Of Fitness Regime

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John Abraham the fitness freak of Bollywood is admired by everyone. He is the actor who changed the fitness trend in Bollywood. John is the brand ambassador of many big brands like Yamaha, Garnier, Ultimate Nutrition. Even while in the opening of a fast food restaurant or while attending marriage function John is never seen going out of his regime.


Where is Bollywood trend is going on of changing physique to fit in the role, Aamir Khan is the best transformation example in Bollywood. But John is totally different, He only does the movie in which he doesn't have to transform. John has celebrated a cracker free Diwali, as he believes crackers will pollute the air, which is the main reason for skin and many other diseases, He also adds wherever he may be but he never forgets to cleanse his skin. He also adds he likes sweets, but only watching it he prefers. The most he loves about festivals is getting ready for it in traditional dresses, matching accessories. His best gift in the festival is celebrating it with his family.

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