Salman Khan Gets a Death Threat From a Gangster

 Jan 08, 2018    By admin  2865 views


Salman's long back enemy Lawrence Bishnoi again seems to get into a fight with Salman, Recently when Bishnoi was arrested by Haryana Police in case of terrorizing traders and extorting while taking to court Bishnoi told media that,'' Salman Khan will be killed here, in Jodhpur... Then he will come to know about our real identity.''


Bishnoi also claimed that he has been arrested in a false case and not even a single witness appeared to him. Bishnoi said that if police wanted him to do the big crime, He's ready to kill Salman Khan. The rivalry between Khan and Bishnoi is of the long back When Salman killed a Blackbuck. Blackbuck is worshipped by Bishnoi community and it was this community only who complained against the Khan. Recent threats to Salman Khan was the reason for this rivalry. Now Bishnoi is taken into seven days remand to interrogate about the murder case. Let's see how Salman Khan takes this threat.

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