Sonam Kapoor Launches Her App

 May 07, 2016    By admin  2125 views

Sonam Kapoor Launches Her App

Sonam Kapoor seen in promotions but this time promotion is not for Film , music or any show this time promotion is for an App. Sonam Kapoor becomes First Bollywood star to Launch her own App. She named the app - '' Sonam Kapoor App ''.
Sonam Kapoor told to media that she created the App so that she can create a deeper Bond with her Fans. She also added that now she can be in touch with the fans during her busy schedules.
Many Big Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift have their apps. Now Sonam Kapoor launches her app. In Sonam Kapoor app features like - About Her, Beauty Tips, Fashion Tips, Fitness Mantras, Live Streaming, Exclusive Contents, Fan Chats, Messaging will be part of it.
In association with Disciple Media, the actress made the announcement, on April 29.


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