Anarkali Of Aarah - Movie Review

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Anarkali Of Aarah - Movie Review

Director : Avinash Das

Cast : Swara Bhaskar, Sanjay Mishra, Pankaj Tripathi, Ishteyak Khan

The movie Anarkali of Aarah shows the struggles, courage and life story of Anaarkali who is an erotic singer from a small town of Aarah. When Anarkali ( Swara Bhaskar ) was young, her mother was shot dead during a performance by an inebriated neta, who cared to flaunt his rifle as she pirouetted on stage. The young girl chooses her mother's footsteps and in no time she becomes most famous and loved dancer. She makes full use of her sexuality to woo men and has the entire Arrah eating out of her hand. She gets support of Rangeela ( Pankaj Tripathy ) who is like her manager. One of her biggest fan is A local politician V.C (Sanjay Mishra) who never misses Anarkali shows. One day when V.C gets drunk in an public event of Anarkali. He tries to sexually harass Anaarkali. To set herself free Anarkali slaps V.C in front of crowd. To take revenge V.C wants to humilate Anarkali in every ways possible. Anarkali decides to fight back against V.C. What happens with Anarkali ? Watch Anarkali of Aarah now.

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