Sweetiee Weds NRI - Movie Review

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The New Movie directed by Hasnain Hyderbadwala on the production of Sada Bhuvad. the movie is all about the Love, romantic drama. the story tells that A rich businessman wants his daughter to get married to an NRI. The problem is she loves another guy who she is sure her father won’t approve of. Himansh Kohli and Zoya Afroz are Movies Lead. Sweetiee the character role by Zoya and Akash the man Himansh kohli, the hero is an Orphan, he is making a fake Profile on matrimonial site for the sake of his Girlfriends father want to aprove that he is perfect jodi for his daughter.

Zairwala Roles the sweeties father who want his daughter to be married to NRI. there comes a Negative impulse Ankit Arora who want to marry sweetie. This creates a scenario wherein Sweety’s father has to choose between our hero and Ankit Arora. Surprisingly, due to a cunning game played by the villain, daddy-dearest chooses him over Akash. One thing leads to another and within no time, the continuous confusion builds up to a interesting climax. Zariwala plays a role that he has played in many films negative father, while other supporting actors have stereotypical roles. a film that is laced with such stereotypes and has a predictable story. do not get awaited to see what happens next between Akash and sweeties romantic essence in their life, just run out to your near by Cine halls.

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