Revealed Reason Behind Mani's Death

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Revealed ! The Reason Behind Mani's Death

The Investigation of Kalabhavan Mani's death has taken a Twist after the lab report came from the Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL) in Hyderabad. The Popular Malayali Actor Mani died on March 6 in Kochi. After 3 Months the Report confirmed that presence of highly toxic methyl alcohol, also called methanol, was in his body along with Critical Liver and Kidney ailments and also mentioned that high content of spurious liquor was present in his blood samples. The Report was then handed over to the Kerala Police.
After the Report came there was fallout between Ramakrishnana, Mani's Brother and Actor Thirikida Sabu. Ramakriishnan started blaming Sabu for his Brother's death. Ramakrishnan alleged that Actor Sabu and Jaffer Idukki was behind Mani's death and he believes that Mani's death was Murder
Sabu abused Ramakrishnan through his Official Facebook Page and Wrote that, '' That he is not ready to tolerate this insult anymore and Mani's death doesn't affect him in any way.'' Sabu also told that Mani was not in touch with his family on his last days.


Doctor's who treated Mani during his last days told to Police that, "His body showed no signs of being affected by insecticide," and '' Even in his unconscious state, medicines were regularly administered to Mani ''. This created a Big confusion for the investigation team and Its almost 3 Months over after  Mani's Death and they haven't found the real reason and the Culprit of Mani's Death.


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