Dileeps Security Guards Vehicles Taken Into Custody

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After completing 85 days of jail and applying for 4 bail plea Dileep was finally was finally released, But Dileep is not totally free, the actor is asked to submit his passport and Rs 1 Lakh as sureties. Fans gave a warm welcome to their superstar. Dillep was seen happy to see love and support for him. Dillep shows that any hurdles can't stop him from success. Within a week Dileep was back to his shooting schedules and started the shooting for his upcoming movie Kammarasambhavam which is Directed by Rathish Ambat.


The investigation team has an eye on Dileep's each and every move. Recently it was claimed that Dileep has hired a team of security personnel from a Goa-based Security firm '' Thunder Force '', seeing this Police took away the vehicles of the firm. When the investigation was done, Dileep opened as he gets threat calls from an unknown person, he just discussed with the security firm about the hiring of guards. Currently, he hasn't hired any guards. Till now the investigation team is investigating about actress abduction case and soon they may submit the charge sheet.

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