Dileep to go Dubai for Inauguration of his Restaurant

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Now it seems like life is again going well of Dileep, After 84 days of imprisonment, Dileep was released and it was like a festival for the fans. He was given a warm welcome by his fans who gathered outside the jail and burnt crackers and also followed him to his house. This also encouraged Dileep to come back soon to restart his schedule and give some hit movie to his fans. Meanwhile, Dileep's movie Ramaleela was a hit, which he has seen as he released from Jail.


Dilip is partner of a well-known Hotel chain '' Dhe Puttu '', After success of Dhe Puttu the partners are going to a new branch in Dubai, Dillep whose passport was taken from Government and was not allowed to go out of India got a special permission to attend the inaugural function of his restaurant, which is owned by his partner Nadirshah. Court and Police have been informed that Dileep will be back in Two days after the inauguration on 29TH December. The inauguration will be done by Nadishah's mother. Dileep will be going on Trip with his wife Kavya Madhavan and his daughter.

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