Hello Namaste - Movie Review

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Hello Namaste - Movie Review

Director : Jayan K Nair

Producer : DR Freemu Varghese

Starring : Vinay Forrt, Bhavana, Miya, Sanju Sivaram, Aju Varghese, Mukesh

Relaese Date : 19 February 2016

Is a story of 2 best friends Madhav (Vinay Forrt) and Jerry (Sanju Sivaram) who both are RJs working at an FM station whose fortunes are flagging. They are the heroes of the station and they hosts a morning programme titled Hello Namaste, where they take up issues relevant to the city. They also carry on a fund-raising campaign for treating a little girl with a severe heart ailment. The actual story begins when Madhav, Priya and Abu attend the wedding reception of Jerry’s ex-girlfriend Anna (Miya). There they realise that the groom is a good-for-nothing and they entice Jerry to elope with Anna.
The two couples live together in a small house, and the going seems good initially. They late move into two identical luxury villas in a posh colony and become next door neighbours. The ladies begin to have minor issues and they pass them on to their men. Priya is very conscious of hygiene and her neighbour has a jackfruit tree that makes her porch messy. So, the jackfruit tree becomes the bone of contention between the two families, and the fight on whether it should stay or not continues till the end.

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