Ann Maria Kalippilaanu - Movie Review

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Ann Maria Kalippilaanu - Movie Review

Directed by : Midhun Manuel Thomas

Produced by : Alice George

Written by : Midhun Manuel Thomas, John Manthrichal

Starring : Baby Sara, Sunny Wayne, Aju Varghese

Cinematography : Vishnu Sharma

Edited by : Lijo Paul

Release Date : 5th August, 2016

The story of Ann Maria Kalippilaanu revolves around a vibrant and jovial kid named Ann Maria. Annmaria (Sara) is the daughter of a doctor couple, Mr. and Mrs. Roy. Who, are getting seperated. Ann Maria's only hero is her Dad who is helping Victims through Red Cross Camp in Syria. Later a incident happens in Ann Maria's life which involves a Sport's teacher. She then wants to beat her Sports Teacher, later she finds two goons named Gireesh (Sunny Wayne) and his confidant named Ambrose (Aju Varghese), with help of his return. But in return the Goons ask her to give them the I-Phone that her father gifted her. What Happens Next ? Will Gireesh and Ambrose help Ann Maria ? Are they the real Goons ? Watch the movie to get the Answers.

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