Pretham - Movie Review

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Pretham - Movie Review

Directed by : Ranjith Sankar

Produced by : Ranjith Sankar, Jayasurya

Written by : Ranjith Sankar

Starring : Jayasurya, Aju Varghese, Sharafudheen, Sharanya Menon, Govind Padmasoorya

Music by : Anand Madhusoodanan

Cinematography : Jithu Damodar

Release Date : August 12, 2016

Pretham is Horror Comedy Movie. Pretham is Story of Three young friends Denny Kokken (Aju Varghese), Priyalal (Sharafudheen), and Shibu Majeed (Govind Padmasoorya), who have been friends from the College days. Since college days they planned to word hard till 30 and after that take retirement and relax. They invest all their hardly earned money in a Sea Side resort. The Trio quits their boring Life. The First Half is dedicated to their friendship with each character comically pulling the other's leg at every given opportunity. Just before they can reap the benefits of the resort, with sun-lit sea view and girls dancing zumba to look forward to, Paranormal activities starts to begin in the Resort. This forces them to take help of a Priest, who introduces them to John Don Bosco (Jayasurya). How he Solves the Mystery forms the Story.

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