Fukri - Movie Review

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Fukri - Movie Review

Directed by : Siddique

Produced by : Siddique, Vaishak Rajan, Jenso Jose

Written by : Siddique

Starring : Jayasurya, Ubaid, John Kaippallil, Bhagath
Manuel, Lal, Siddique

Music by : Dr. M. Sudeep Elayidom, Viswajith

Cinematography : Vijay Ulaganath

Edited by : K. R. Gourishankar

Release date : 3 February 2017


Fukri is Family Drama movie. Fukri revolves around the story of Sulaiman Furki (Siddique)a strait-laced man who believes that home is his private fiefdom, and the family members, his bondsmen. Though a noble soul, Fukri has his reservations when it comes to matters of the heart and Lucky ( Jayasurya ) aka Luckman ali fukri who is a orphan and engineering dropouts, and are goodhearted fraudsters. Lucky gets forced to enter the house of aristocratic Muslim family, pretending to be the long-lost son of Ali Fukri and grandson of the family head, Sulaiman Fukri.

The movie plots the return of Fukri’s long lost grandson Lucky to his ancestral Bungalow. How Lucky solves misunderstandings between Sulaiman ans his elder son forms the story



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