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Directed by Rafi
Written by Rafi - Story Idea by Sony Narayanan
Cinematography Shamdat Sainudheen[1]
Edited by Sajan
Distributed by Phars Films & Tricolor Entertainment

Role Models is Malayalam comedy movie, Directed by Rafi. The movie revolves around the story of Gowtham ( Fahadh Fassil ) who is one of the best employee of a software company. He is an anti-social workaholic person, who is totally cut from the outer world even from his family, relatives and friends, The only thing in his life is work. This worries his parents and they seek help from his college friends Rexy (Sharafudheen), Jyotish (Vinayakan) and Zubhaan (Vinay Fort).


Years back there was one of the most notorious gang of college of Gowtham, Rexy, Jyotish and Zubhaaan, they used to fool everyone and make fun all over the college, afraid of Gowtham's friends, Gowtham's father complains to Principal and makes his friends expelled from college, But a sudden events change the lives of four and they move on different tracks.But after hearing the condition of Gotham all unite and plans for a trip to Goa to change Gowtham attitude towards life. Everything starts going well, but a twist happens in the life of Gowtham again. What changes the life of Gowtham? What is the past behind Gowtham's change? Watch Role Model to see the full story.

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