Out Of Range - Movie Review

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Out Of Range - Movie Review

Directed by : Johnson V. Devassy

Produced by : Suresh Kumar T, Malavika Cine Creations

Story by : Johnson V Devassy, Fahad, Shafeek

Starring : Vishnu Unnikrishnan, Askar Ali, Sumith Samudra, Ajayaghosh, Swathy

Music by : Rakesh Kesavan, Lonely Doggy

Cinematography : Anish Babu Abbas

Release dates : 19 February 2016

 The movie shows how mobile phones are important these days. This is story is of 4 friends who got frustrated from their lives. One day they decides that they will stop using mobile phone. The Four friends faces different problems in their lives Jerin ( Ajayghosh ) is frustrated because of his love life, Subru ( Vaishnu Unnikrishnan ) is fed up of his mother because of her arguments, Sanjay (Sumith Samundra ) is facing problems because of his job schedule and Aashiq ( Aksar Ali ) has family problems. So they takes oath to quit using mobiles but their lives turn upside down. But at last they finds Peace, ease and joy.

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