Watch Movie: Camel Safari - Full Movie

Cast: Arun Shankar, Pankaja Menon, Sekhar Menon, Adarsh, Kamal Gaur
Summary: Camel Safari is a Malayalam film directed by Jayaraj which narrates a love story on the background of Rajasthan. The movie features Arun Shankar and Pankaja Menon in the lead roles. Sekhar Menon, Tini Tom, Sabitha Jayaraj, Binu Adimaly, Neha Ramesh, Hashim Hussain, Vishnu Mohan and Anjali Ajayan comes in a Supporting roll. Kamal Gaur the villain of Johnnie Walker is making a come back through this movie. It was completed in three schedules with the maximum being shot in Rajasthan and the rest in Cochin, Kerala. The song rights of the film have been sold to Manorama Music.