Twitter War Between Celebrities

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Twitter War Between Celebrities

We often see celebrities sharing their own personal fan moments on social media and Posting about other celebrities. Some used to Criticize about the works of others and Some used to appreciate other's work. We have already seen Ram Gopal Verma criticizing about Superstar Rajnikanth and again Director Ram Gopal Varma (RGV) had posted a series of tweets comparing legendary actors Amitabh Bacchan and Rajinikanth.

Ram Gopal Verma Wrote : 

"I love @superstarrajini sir for effect and  @SrBachchan for content n only Rajni  sir will understand becos both me n Rajni sir love B"

After seeing the tweet of RGV insulting the legendary Stars, Director Venkat Prabhu had a tweet posted as a reply to RGV :

"@RGVzoomin @superstarrajini @SrBachchan Saar only u can make Sholay flop!! Our superstar will even create history with #TE3N !!!"

Dhanush can't stop himself after seeing this he retweeted Venkat Prabhu’s tweet and added the following comment :

"Nandraaga sonneergal"

What Do you think about this ? 

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