Dhanush Moves out of Interview

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Dhanush Walks out of Interview

Dhanush is again back with his new movie Vellai Illa Pattadhari 2 aka VIP 2. The actor is visiting cities for the promotion of his movie, Public was amazed to see the new side of Dhanush. Recently during a promotional interview, when Dhanush was in the energetic mood. A series of questions made him walk out of interview angrily saying '' This is a stupid Interview '', a few months back Dhanush and other Tollywood stars got in Suchileaks controversy. Suchitra Karthik is a 34 years old RJ and singer. A few months back she exposed some Tollywood celebrities on how they prey on young stars. In her following tweets, she uploaded a photo of Actor Dhanush and made sexual allegations against him. Later Suchitra tweeted that her account was hacked by someone and she also apologized her Kollywood friends.


Related to that controversy when Dhanush was asked a question like '' What kind of mental agony he suffered? '', To which Dhanush replied, '' Who said I went through mental agony'', Dhanush was not expecting such question during interview and when again Interviewers started mentioning about allegations and videos, Dhanush lost his patience and moved out of interview angrily saying '' It is a stupid interview''. Hope such a new attitude of Dhanush doesn't affect his movie Vellai Illa Pattadhari 2.

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