Court Sents Notice to Rajnikant for '' Watage of Milk ''

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Court Sents Notice to Rajnikant for '' Wastage Of Milk '' .

Superstar Rajinikanth has been dragged to the Court many times, mostly by petitioners who wants to gain publicity. Many petitions filed against the actor in Courts have had little to do with the much loved star. Now this time  a Petitioner Dr IMS Manivanna filed an injuction suit against the superstar Rajnikant and his fans for wasting litres of Milk during his Release and asked the court to issue directives regarding the problem.

‘’ The suit we have filed against the superstar Rajnikant, is to permanently stop the wasting of Milk which is being poured in his name on his cut outs…. more than thousands of Litres of milk has been wasted in these years and let that not happen anymore, ‘’ Dr IMS Manivanna, The Petitioner, told to ANI.

Now Metropolitan Court in Bengaluru has sent a notice to the Superstar asking him to file his reply about the wastage of milk happening in his name during the above mentioned occasions, every year, Based on a petition filed by a social activist I.M.S.Manivannan. Generally ardent fans of the Superstar celebrate the release of his films his birthdays and wedding day by fixing huge cutouts and performing the pal abhishekam as a mark of devotion. This has been objected by Manivannan in his petition stating that many families in India are starving to get milk for their children as the protein rich product is an essential food for children. The case was filed on 24 March. The next hearing of the case will be on April 11.

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