Rajnikanth Shows Support For Team Mersal

 Oct 23, 2017    By admin  2302 views


Since from its shooting time Mersal was in controversies, first from getting in trouble with Animal Welfare Board of India ( AWBI ) for using animals without getting approval to protest by BJP leaders for telling against GST and Digital money initiatives. Mersal covers a big topic and as whole Tamil Nadu is a follower of Vijay it will surely great a bad impact of BJP in Tamil Nadu.


Many BJP leaders were seen opposing the movie and demanding to remove the dialogues from movies, whereas Tollywood starts shown their full support for the movie, saying to have freedom of speech, Recently Superstar of Tamil Nadu Rajnikanth seen the movie and took Twitter to share his feeling and wrote, '' Important topic addressed... Well done !!! Congratulations team #Mersal.'' Mersal covers a topic of free medical treatment for all citizens. Recently Mersal has collected more than 100 Crore in only 3 days of release. Hope Mersal breaks all box office records.

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