Any Controversies Cant Stop Mersal

 Oct 24, 2017    By   2251 views


As Mersal is gaining a huge success everyone wants to pull it down by anyways. Mersal movie became a national controversy. Many of the BJP leaders are pressurizing the Mersal team to remove the GST scene, whereas Mersal got a huge support from the Tollywood stars, everyone wants to gain popularity in the controversy, Recently Congress head Rahul Gandhi backed up his support to Mersal, Tollywood biggies like Rajnikanth, Kamal Hassan has also supported Mersal.


Recently a lawyer from Madurai's Anna Nagar has filed a complaint against the movie for hurting the sentiments of Hindus, As in the movie Actors tells a dialogue, '' We don't need to build temples, We need to build hospitals.'', Facing all the controversies Mersal collected 107 Crore in four days of its release and expected to cross 150 Cr by this week.

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