Adhe Kangal - Movie Review

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Adhe Kangal - Movie Review

Directed by : Rohin Venkatesan

Produced by : C. V. Kumar

Written by : Rohin Venkatesan

Starring : Kalaiyarasan, Janani Iyer, Sshivada

Music by : Ghibran

Cinematography : Ravivarman Neelamegam

Edited by : Leo John Paul

Release date : 26 January 2017

Adhey Kangal is Tamil Romantic Thriller movie. The movie starts with Varun Murali ( Kalaiyarasan ) who is visually impaired chef and runs a restaurant of his own and makes it a successful business. He lives a simple life with his parents. He has a friend Sadhana ( Janani ) who is a reporter of a family Tamil weekly magazine, she starts liking Varun. But Varun falls in Love with Deepa ( Sshivada ) who comes to his restaurant to buy for food destitute people. Deepa also shares her feeling that she also loves Varun. In debt and dire need of money she asks help from Varun and tells her father has to repay big loan amount otherwise they has to escape from that place. Varun agrees to pay her fathers loan. But Varun meets an accident and he gets his vision back. But Deepa goes missing. With help of Constable Panju ( Bala Saravanan ) he starts finding Deepa. The investigation leads him to Kanyakumari as a person who claimed to be Deepa's father gets killed in Road accident.

After long unsuccessful investigation Varun tries to move forward and assents to marry Sandhana. But again a twist happens in his life when he comes to know that Deepa is kidnapped by the lenders. Varun agains starts his investigation . Can Varun find Deepa ? Is Kidnapper & Deepa trying to cheat Varun ?


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