Nisabdham - Movie Review

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Nisabdham - Movie Review

Direction : Michael Arun

Starring : A.VENKATESH, Aadhi, Abinaya, Baby Sathanya, Hamsa, Kishore, Palani, Ramakrishna, Ruthu

Story : Michael Arun

Music : Shawn Jazeel

Cinematography : S.J Star

Release Date : March 10, 2017

Nisabdham is Tamil Drama movie and is based on the topic of child abuse which is a very disturbing subject. The movie revolves around story of Aadhi ( Ajay ), Aadhira ( Abhinaya ) and their daughter Bhoomi ( Sathanaya) who lives happily in Bangalore. But their happy life gets shattered when their eight years old daughter gets raped by a drunkard and left injured on her way to school. While Aadhi and Aadhira is fighting to bring her daughter back to normalcy they also had to handle glare of media. They also tries hard so that criminal shouldn't go free. The movie deals with how the young child and her loved once cope up with the situation.

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