Brindavanam - Movie Review

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Directed by: Radha Mohan

Produced by: Shan Sutharsan

Written by: Pon. Parthiban

Screenplay by: Radha Mohan

Story by: Radha Mohan

Starring: Vivek

Music by: Vishal Chandrasekhar

Cinematography: M. S. Vivekanand

Edited by: T S Jay

Release date: May 26, 2017

Brindavanam is comedy drama movie. The movie starts in Ooty where Kanna ( Arulnithi ) is the most loved person of his society as he helps everyone, his everytime smiling face energize everyone near him. He is barber by profession, God has given him everything in his life except the ability to hear and speak. The only thing he loves in his life is his idol actor Vivek ( Vivek ) as he is also of his kind who brings a smile to everyone's face and of helping nature.

One day Kanna's dream comes true, as Vivek comes for a shooting in Ooty, on the way to Ooty Vivek's car stops of error and Kanna's helps them to rectify the error. Kanna meets his idol Vivek and they become friends. Kannan's friend Sandhya (Tanya) to whom he loves, proposes him to which he regrets angrily. After convincing by his idol also he not agrees. Why Kannan rejects Sandhya's proposal? Watch the movie Brindavanam.

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