Aangila Padam - Movie Review

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Directed by: Kumaresh Kumar

Produced by: RJM Vasuki

Written by: Kumaresh Kumar

Starring: Ramki, Sanjeev, Meenakshi, Sreeja Das

Music by: MC Riko

Cinematography: Sai Suresh

Edited by: Mahendran

Release date: 24 November 2017

Aangila Padam is Tamil Horror Comedy Cum Crime-Thriller movie, said to be based on the character played by Ramki. The movie starts with hero and his uncle, who wants to earn money quickly, They decide to accept a challenge of staying in a haunted house in return for a good amount of money by Kosu Kumar, But they get cheated by a gangster Rail Murugan, To take revenge Hero, his uncle and a girl to whom Rail Murugan has cheated forms a team. They make a master plan to get a huge amount of money? Can they be successful? 


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