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An interesting Interview with Harry And Sejal

In Last the was an Interview with Harry and Sejal Before they come to multiplexes. Shah Rukh Khan will be characterized as Harry and Sejal as Anushka as well. Jab Harry Met Sejal will Hit Theatres on this Friday. last day there was a nice interview which got viral in Bollywood. Here are an Opinion and Crise that actors made in the movie and what they want to convey about their movie. Check out the video that made actors smile on their face and slight Interesting to watch

Shah Rukh Khan, Anushka Sharma

 Aug 01, 2017    By admin  992 views

Actress Asaults Case to New Turning Point

Actress Asaults Case was going on these days and Actor Dileep was arrested and Custodys for a week by Kerala Cops at Aluva since he couldnt get the bail. For The Kerala Police questioned many other actors as they are doubt to the issue. Now its heard appuni the general mananger of actor is now open to say something regarding the case,as he says he know about pulsor suni.

Dileep, Pulsor Suni, Appunni,

 Aug 01, 2017    By admin  1019 views

Baahubali2 Star was Questioned for drug racket case

P. Subbaraju was questioned for the Hyderabad drug racket case, he is the third person who confined from Telugu Film as per doubt and clear offenses made the actors are questioned for SIT, LSD, and MDMA issued problems cops decided. Investigators revealed that there are several Kollywood actors who alleged with the racket team of Hyderabad. Subbaraju was popularly known in the movie Baahuabi2 character star who has successfully won his fans around Indian films. Here comes the news report that made breaking to movie industry on last days.


 Jul 26, 2017    By admin  1197 views

Bollywood Actress Sunny Leone adopted a baby girl

Sunny and her husband Daniel Weber adopted a girl child named her Nisha Kaur Weber. she is a 1-year-old girl who sunny adopted from Maharashtra on last week with the details that she revealed which are true. Sunny is happy to adopt a girl and she will be securing a good future. However, this was a shock to her fans also they too appreciate sunny for doing such a majestic thing in her life. watch out the video of her happiness with her child.

Sunny Leone, Daniel Weber

 Jul 24, 2017    By admin  1060 views

Tiger Shroff Heavy Workout Session

Do you like physique of Tiger Shroff? Want to look like him? Here is the secret of Tiger Shroff's fit muscular body.

Tiger Shroff

 Jul 22, 2017    By admin  1292 views

Manju Warrier as witness in Actress Asaults

Dileep was not given bail so, the cops decided to custody him for few days too, And finally, the day comes which will be tomorrow as per the report. Actress Manju was been threaten as the second witness which was heard from the Kerala cops. the media is reporting that the planning for attacking actress was due to the actress has some roles in the divorce of Dileep and Manju Warrier. Kerala Police will again question Nadrisha as he was doubted in actress attack. Here are Viral video from meeting what manju says to media and Let's hope for tomorrow the truth will come out and may he will approve the bail

Dileep, Manju Warrier

 Jul 19, 2017    By admin  1042 views

Justin Bieber Caught by Cops

Mercedes G-Wagon in his collection. On saturday he was driving through Beverly Hills. He was caught by the local police for texting and driving. Justin was seen co-operative and was charged with the fine of $162.

Justin Bieber

 Jul 18, 2017    By admin  1347 views

Dileep got Suspended from Amma

As per the Actress abduction issue actor dileep was arrested with the avidence. Yesterday dileep was taken to prison in aluva. Because of this he was suspended his member ship from Amma film association.

Mammooty, Mohanlal, Prithviraj, Remya Nambeeshan

 Jul 12, 2017    By admin  1043 views

Dileep Was Finally Arrested On Attack Of Actress Abduction

Actress Abduction was Finally revealed with the evidence. The Most Popular Actor Dileep got arrested on last day after the questioning him with evidence. The arrest was Flashed out on last evening that the actor was got. In his productions, commercial buildings were also attacked due to the arrest. Here are the visuals while arresting him which was Put up viral


 Jul 11, 2017    By admin  1022 views

Actress Assaults Actors Gets Harsh To Media

Today In Molllywood the case was Moving on ride with Malayalam actress assaults. Here is the Meeting Board of Amma Association held at Amma the Film Concern where the actors Speaking Against the report that related Actress Asaault goes viral

Mohanlal, Mammooty, Dileep, Mukesh

 Jul 05, 2017    By admin  1040 views

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